History of Gymnastics

Gymnastics has gone through many waves and have been around for a long period of time. The first wave of Gymnastics started in the 1820s. Gymnastics’ first Olympics games were in 1896. The sport quickly led on and caught on as big and popular in a bunch of people’s lives. It was used as a mental and physical sport. The person who created Gymnastics was Fredrick Ludwig Jahn. There are 7 types of Gymnastics. Women’s artistic, men’s artistic, Rhythm, Trampoline, Tumbling, Acrobatic, and Group Gymnastics. According to the internet and loads of people, Gymnastics is the most difficult sport in world history. One of the most famous Gymnasts in history now is Simone biles. She was a four-time Olympic gold star medalist and a five-time all-around world champion. In the 1800s the men competed naked. “Gymnos” is the Greek word for naked. As a result of nudity, Women we’re not allowed to compete. A lot of that has changed in the world today. They don’t compete naked anymore and we have a lot of freedom.