Olive Garden Review!!


I just ate Olive Garden the other day and It was a pretty solid experience. I was with my parents, and my three brothers. The food tasted really well and I had a good time staying there. When I entered the restaurant it was really clean. The floor looked like it was vacuumed. The waitress greeted us nicely and took us to our table. It didn’t take too long as the place didn’t have many people. We sat at our table and it was clean. They told us what we wanted to drink and I ordered a peach tea, and a chicken alfredo. The waiting time for the food took a bit longer than I expected but the place didn’t have many people. When the food came the servant gave us our food and we ate. They gave us breadsticks and ate very well and the chicken alfredo was good. I really enjoyed the experience of eating and resting after I felt really relaxed. After I ate we paid for our food and we exited the restaurant. The place was solid and I gave it a 4 out of 5. It was not the best place I’ve ever eaten but it was still good