2017-2018 Staff

Natalie Seagroves


Sophomore! I love animals a lot :) ...

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Axel Millan


I'm Axel Millan, I'm a sophomore. I like dogs, drawing and football, and my favorite team is the Denver Broncos.

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Sam Torres


Senior I play a lot of skyrim. Way too much skyrim. ...

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Al Lavallee


I hail from Pacifica, a cold, foggy, weather-beaten town just off of San Francisco that is very likely crumbling into the ocean a bit as you read this. I was dragged against my will to the inhospitable desert wastes of Glendale, Ariz...

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Dominic Benedetti


My name is Dominic Benedetti, I am a freshman and I like to wrestle.

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Caleb Johnson


I'm Caleb. I like superheroes, country music, sports and anything nerdy, really. I'm a junior.

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Aaliyah Gonzalez.


Hi, I'm a sophomore at Deer Valley High School. I like the idea of newspaper, journalism, digital communications it's a way to communicate with other without being forced to communicate. I love my family and I love travel.  I...

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Paige O'Connell


  Hey there! I was dropped on this planet 17 years ago, and my name is Paige O'Connell. I'm a junior here at Deer Valley High School and I am excited to experience this 2017/2018 school year with newspaper. I share a great...

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Yami Gonzalez

Business Manager

I'm a senior and the business manager on the Skyhawk Flight staff. I am absolutely goofy, and one of the most laid-back people you'll meet.

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David Ross


Hi. I'm a junior. I write stuff, and at rare occasions be an outgoing talkative guy. I write and doodle for fun. That's all the "fun facts" you need to know. I'm awkward.

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Ithamar Cerda II

Online Managing Editor

What's up! I'm Ithamar Albert Cerda II and I'm a Junior and I like to have a great time. I work at Aj's Fine Food, the one at 67th and Beardsley. I love sports: Football, Basketball, and Boxing. My favorite football team is the...

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Alissa Benedetti

Online Managing Editor

Hi! My name is Alissa, I'm a junior, and one of the online managing editor. The goofy little blob in the photo with me is Ithamar, the assistant to the online manager (which is me). I absolutely love writing, DOGS, naps, and anything...

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Charity Lingle

Print Managing Editor

Hi, my name is charity and i'm one of the print managers. i'm a small senior who loves dogs and makeup.

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Cienna Barney


Hey, I'm Cienna. I'm Newspaper's photographer and I'm pretty nice I guess. So if you wanna be my friend just talk to me. I hope good things happen to all of you, except for the people who yell at their dogs, I hope those people...

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Abby Bauman

Print Managing Editor

Hey! My name is Abby and I'm really into music, naps, and dogs. I'm a really nice person. I love taking pictures and writing.

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